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How accurate is the GPS integration on the In-Vehicle Tablet?

The GPS integration on In-Vehicle Tablets is generally quite accurate, with some key points to consider:

  1. GPS tracking devices typically offer accuracy within 2.5 meters (6 feet) when they have a direct line of sight to the sky. This level of precision is sufficient for most personal and business applications, including vehicle tracking and navigation.

  2. According to, civilian GPS receivers are designed to provide location data with an accuracy of 5 meters or less, 95% of the time. This indicates high reliability for most applications, including fleet tracking and personal GPS tracking.

  3. The GPS on In-Vehicle Tablets is often more accurate than a vehicle’s speedometer, especially in older vehicles. This is because GPS is not affected by factors like tire size and wear that can impact speedometer readings.

  4. In-Vehicle Tablets with GPS integration offer real-time mapping capabilities, ensuring optimal route planning and guidance. This suggests that the GPS functionality is designed to be highly accurate and reliable for navigation purposes.

  5. Factors that can affect GPS accuracy include urban environments with tall buildings (urban canyons), mountains, and poor device placement. However, these issues are not specific to In-Vehicle Tablets and affect GPS technology in general.

  6. To improve GPS accuracy, users can ensure the device has an unobstructed view of the sky and keep the software updated.

Overall, the GPS integration in In-Vehicle Tablets is designed to be highly accurate and reliable, providing precise location data and navigation capabilities for most automotive applications.

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