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Special Vehicles

Intelligent Special Vehicles

As a technology company, Saintway focuses on innovative approaches within all of its product areas. Saintway is able to supply high-performance Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) for intelligent special vehicles. This opens up new potential to optimize the whole system and productivity of special vehicles and applications.

All Saintway MDTs are rugged, compact and extendable all-in-one tablets which can be adopted in various scenarios. They play a role in the solutions for vehicle-related applications that help companies manage their fleets of some special vehicles, such as mining vehicles, construction vehicles, ambulances, police cars, garbage trucks, folklifts and agriculture vehicles etc.

Law Enforcement

Tablets, or more specifically rugged tablets, are quickly gaining ground as a preferred computing platform for mobile law enforcement applications. Tablets on the market today offer power, functionality, connectivity, enterprise-grade operating systems, and ruggedness comparable to or exceeding laptops, with the added benefit of a lightweight, compact design that’s highly mobile.

Rugged tablets open the door to increased productivity and efficiency that go beyond the patrol car to include officers on foot or on motorcycle, bicycle, and horseback. This can not only help officers do their jobs better, but also lead to improved officer safety.

For law enforcement agencies, with our tablets, officers have access to better and more vital information on-site allowing individuals to quickly and accurately complete reports or respond to various needs.

Ambulance Transport

Electronic health records (EHR) are the most reliable, up-to-date, and privacy-protecting tool used today for Electronic Patient Care Reporting (EPCR).

Whether it’s an emergency response call or a routine ambulance transport, emergency services (EMS/EMT) personnel require a mobile yet rugged EMS tablet that can securely document, transmit, and maintain EHR data from the moment they arrive on the scene, during the ambulance transport, through hospital transfer and patient discharge, and back to on-call and connected with EMS dispatch.

Saintway rugged mobile tablets could be helpful for such service.

Waste Management

With waterproof and dustproof features, our mobile data terminals/tablets could work well even in harsh environments. Rich interfaces also support more expansion and control. Tablets bring waste management technology into the digital age. Not only does the new waste management technology improve route accuracy, save paper and simplify drivers’ lives; it also enables daily disposal to optimize routes, reroute on the fly, save money etc.

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