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Can the In-Vehicle Tablet’s GPS be used for real-time tracking?

Yes, the In-Vehicle Tablet‘s GPS can be used for real-time tracking. Here are the key points about using the GPS for real-time tracking:

  1. Real-time location updates: The GPS integration in In-Vehicle Tablets provides instantaneous speed and location data, allowing for real-time tracking of the vehicle’s position.

  2. Accurate positioning: GPS tracking devices typically offer accuracy within 2.5 meters (6 feet) when they have a direct line of sight to the sky, which is sufficient for most vehicle tracking applications.

  3. Cellular network transmission: Real-time GPS tracking utilizes cellular networks (3G/4G) to transmit location data instantaneously to fleet managers or vehicle owners.

  4. Viewing options: The real-time location of vehicles can be viewed on computers, tablets, or smartphones, providing flexibility in monitoring.

  5. Update intervals: For real-time tracking applications, lower update intervals (5-10 seconds) are preferable for better accuracy and more precise historical location trails.

  6. Additional features: Many In-Vehicle Tablets with GPS tracking offer features like speeding alerts, idling alerts, and geofencing, which enhance the real-time tracking capabilities.

  7. Fleet management applications: Real-time GPS tracking is particularly useful for fleet management, allowing companies to monitor their vehicles’ locations, optimize routes, and improve overall efficiency.

  8. Security applications: The real-time tracking feature can also be used to locate stolen vehicles by providing exact locations to the police.

By leveraging these capabilities, In-Vehicle Tablets with GPS integration offer robust real-time tracking functionality, making them valuable tools for fleet management, vehicle security, and overall vehicle monitoring.

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