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Android 8 Tablet: A Comprehensive Guide

So, you’re in the market for a tablet and considering one with Android 8? Great choice! Android 8, also known as Oreo, brings a host of improvements and features that make tablets more powerful and user-friendly than ever. But how do you know if an Android 8 tablet is right for you? Let’s dive into the details to help you make an informed decision.

What is Android 8?

Android 8, or Oreo, is the eighth major release of the Android operating system. Launched in August 2017, it introduced several enhancements over previous versions. From performance boosts to improved security, Android 8 was designed to provide a smoother and more enjoyable user experience.

Why Choose an Android 8 Tablet?

Choosing an Android 8 tablet comes with numerous benefits. First, you get to enjoy the latest features and improvements that make your device faster and more secure. Android 8 tablets also offer better battery management, which means you can use your device for longer periods without constantly worrying about charging.

Top Features of Android 8 Tablets

Improved Performance and Speed

One of the standout features of Android 8 is its improved performance. With faster boot times and optimized app performance, you can expect a more responsive device that handles multitasking with ease.

Enhanced Security Features

Security is a top priority with Android 8. Features like Google Play Protect, which scans your apps for malware, and more granular control over app permissions help keep your data safe.

Better Battery Management

Android 8 introduces several battery-saving features, such as background app limitations and a more efficient Doze mode. These improvements help extend your device’s battery life.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

With Picture-in-Picture mode, you can watch videos while using other apps. This feature is perfect for multitasking and enhances your overall user experience.

Autofill Feature

The Autofill feature saves you time by automatically filling in forms and login information. This makes browsing and using apps more convenient.

Popular Android 8 Tablets

If you’re considering an Android 8 tablet, here are some popular options to explore:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Known for its stunning display and powerful performance, the Galaxy Tab S3 is a top choice for multimedia consumption and productivity.

Lenovo Tab 4

The Lenovo Tab 4 offers great value with its robust performance and long battery life, making it ideal for both work and play.

ASUS ZenPad 3S 10

With its sleek design and high-resolution display, the ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 is perfect for entertainment on the go.

Huawei MediaPad M5

The Huawei MediaPad M5 stands out with its impressive sound quality and excellent build, offering a premium tablet experience.

Performance and Speed

Android 8 tablets are known for their enhanced performance. Faster boot times mean you can start using your device almost instantly. Additionally, optimized app performance ensures that your favorite apps run smoothly without lag, even when multitasking.

Security Enhancements

Security is a major concern for any device user, and Android 8 addresses this with several key features:

Google Play Protect

This feature continuously scans your apps for malware, ensuring that your device stays safe from harmful software.

More Control Over App Permissions

With Android 8, you have greater control over app permissions, allowing you to decide what information apps can access.

Regular Security Updates

Android 8 tablets receive regular security updates, providing ongoing protection against the latest threats.

Battery Life and Management

One of the most appreciated features of Android 8 is its battery management capabilities. Background app limitations prevent apps from consuming power when not in use, while improvements to Doze mode enhance battery efficiency even further. The battery saver mode is another useful tool that extends your device’s battery life when needed.

User Experience and Interface

Android 8 offers a refined user experience with several interface improvements:

Customizable Home Screen

You can personalize your home screen with widgets, shortcuts, and your favorite apps, making your device truly yours.

Notification Dots

Notification dots on app icons provide a quick glance at new notifications, making it easier to stay updated.

Adaptive Icons

Adaptive icons ensure that your home screen looks neat and organized, as icons automatically adjust to fit the overall design.

Multitasking Capabilities

Android 8 excels at multitasking, thanks to features like:

Split-Screen Mode

This mode allows you to run two apps side by side, perfect for productivity and efficiency.

Switching Between Apps

Switching between apps is smoother and faster, making it easier to manage multiple tasks.

Efficiency in Managing Tasks

With Android 8, managing tasks becomes more efficient, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Entertainment and Media Consumption

For those who love consuming media, Android 8 tablets are a great choice:

High-Resolution Displays

Enjoy sharp, vibrant visuals with high-resolution displays, perfect for watching movies and playing games.

Dolby Atmos Sound

Some Android 8 tablets come with Dolby Atmos sound, providing an immersive audio experience.

Seamless Streaming and Gaming

Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows or playing games, Android 8 tablets offer smooth and enjoyable performance.

Productivity Features

Productivity is at the forefront of Android 8’s design:

Google Assistant Integration

Google Assistant is deeply integrated, allowing you to perform tasks, get answers, and manage your day with voice commands.

Enhanced Text Selection

Smart text selection helps you easily copy, share, and search text, making everyday tasks simpler.

Improved Keyboard and Input Options

The improved keyboard offers better accuracy and more input options, enhancing your typing experience.

Customization and Personalization

Android 8 allows for extensive customization, letting you tailor your device to your preferences:

Themes and Wallpapers

Choose from a variety of themes and wallpapers to personalize your device’s appearance.

Widgets and Shortcuts

Add widgets and shortcuts to your home screen for quick access to your favorite apps and features.

User Profiles and Accounts

Create multiple user profiles and accounts, making it easy to share your device with family members while keeping your data separate.

Buying Guide for Android 8 Tablets

When buying an Android 8 tablet, consider the following factors:

Factors to Consider

  • Price: Set a budget and find a tablet that offers the best value within that range.
  • Brand: Choose a reputable brand known for quality and support.
  • Specs: Look at the processor, RAM, storage, and other specifications to ensure the tablet meets your needs.

Where to Buy

  • Online vs. In-Store: Compare prices and reviews online, but also consider visiting a store to get a hands-on feel of the tablet.
  • Warranty and Support: Ensure the tablet comes with a warranty and reliable customer support.


In summary, Android 8 tablets offer a range of features and improvements that make them a fantastic choice for anyone in need of a reliable and versatile device. From enhanced performance and security to better battery management and a user-friendly interface, Android 8 tablets have something for everyone. When choosing a tablet, consider your needs and preferences to find the perfect match.


What makes Android 8 better than its predecessors? Android 8 offers improved performance, better security features, enhanced battery management, and a more user-friendly interface compared to previous versions.

Can Android 8 tablets be upgraded to newer versions? Yes, many Android 8 tablets can be upgraded to newer versions of the Android operating system, depending on the manufacturer and model.

Are Android 8 tablets good for gaming? Absolutely! With optimized performance and high-resolution displays, Android 8 tablets provide a great gaming experience.

How do I update my Android 8 tablet? You can update your Android 8 tablet by going to the Settings menu, selecting System, and then choosing System Update. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.

What should I look for when buying an Android 8 tablet? Consider factors like price, brand reputation, specifications, warranty, and customer support when buying an Android 8 tablet.

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