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MT2199-Smart Bedside Terminal

  • MT2199-Smart Bedside Terminal
SQ-PX3SE-ARM Processor SoC Solution
SQ-PX3SE-ARM Processor SoC Solution

SQ-PX3SE-ARM Processor SoC Solution


SQ-PX3SE development kit is an industrial control board which adopts thecombination of core board and base board. With PX3-SE quad-core processor,the main frequency is up to 1.3GHZ, industrial-level stability, the core board hasa variety of configuration options, with a very high cost-effective. Rich externalinterfaces, easy to connect various industrial equipments. Supporting Android,Linux systems, suitable for digital signage, commercial advertising machines, POSmachines, vending machines, educational terminals, etc.



Rockchip PX3-SE ARM CortexTM-A17MP quad-core processor

Quad-core Mali-400 MP2 GPU with processing speeds up to 1.2GHz

Memory supporting 2GB DDR SDRAM and 8GB eMMC Flash

Display connection supports LVDS, HDMI,MIPI

Linux operating system

Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth wireless connection module·

Optional 4G /3G cellular modules with PCIE interface

Built-in GPS/BEIDOU module for positioning

I/Os: UART, USB, OTG, Gigabit Ethernet, Camera, HDMI,Audio, micro SD,...




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