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The Patient is NO more just a Patient BUT a Self-Doctor

Aug. 15, 2022

covid-19.jpgEver we thought about the Current COVID-19 situation? No one was expecting to have this, at least not for such a long period. It’s August 2021 and still, we are having new variants of COVID-19. No one knows how long it gonna stay with us. Healthcare Organizations still need to prepare themselves for unexpected situations.The Healthcare sector used to be very important attention for every country, in fact, developed countries had invested a lot to implement new technologies. Today We will talk about Patient “Bedside Computers” also named “Patient Bedside Infotainment Terminal” or All-in-one Intelligent Bedside Terminal.

Research says patients become serious not because of their disease but due to the hospital atmosphere and the way being treated. The discussion will go too long if we start talking about traditional Hospitals and ways of treatment. Let’s straight to the available Solution.A very limited number of manufacturers are enrolled to provide Modern Healthcare solutions and Saintway Technology stands as a TOP manufacturer of Industrial Computers. Saintway comes up with a high-tech healthcare product “All-in-one Intelligent Bedside Terminal” with a variety of Models with Screen sizes 10”, 15” and 21”, all with an anti-bacterial body and high-quality back-end infrastructure.

Important Consideration before buying Healthcare Products

  1. Quality product considering a one-time investment.

  2. Environmental friendly like anti-bacterial or Patient-friendly.

  3. High-quality Back-end infrastructure for long life better performance.

  4. Handset along with Terminal for the call.

Why does Saintway stand out among other vendors?

The recent epidemic teaches us a lot and the way how viruses spread. According to recent research, viruses spread faster through contact transmission. Saintway being an Industrial Master come up with an idea to make healthcare products anti-bacteria. Now our all Healthcare products are anti-bacteria which prevent transmission through contact.The second most important is Saintway’s long history in this Industry. its been 20+ years Saintway is serving the Automation industry including Transportation, Military, Mining, healthcare, and many more.

“Patients are usually illiterate of their disease, cause, and the proposed treatment which indirectly slows down the recovery process. We can fasten the Recover process by 60% if patient knows all about them what a doctor know.”


“Patient recovery depends on Hospital atmosphere and the way Patient being treated”

Saintway Combined all ideas and proposed a Patient “Infotainment” Terminal which aims to teach the patient about their disease and treatment along with Entertainment. Patient Infotainment System offers<ol list-paddingleft-2">

  1. Nurse Assistance

  2. Social lifestyle (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others)

  3. Work requirements ( Email, online meetings, etc)

  4. Treatment details(Treatment history, ongoing test reports, and next plan)

  5. Telephone using Handset(Family, Nurse, Doctor)

  6. Smart Room Control

  7. Meal Ordering

  8. and much more than expectation

Models available are HC10, HC15, MT133, MT2199 with screen sizes 10” ,15” ,13”, 21” respectively


Technical Specifications:

  1. High-performance Rockchip 3288 Quad-core processor

  2. 15.6 inches 1920×1080 IPS LCD Screen

  3. 10-point multi-touch capacitive touch screen control

  4. Android 7.1 optimized system

  5. Handset for service call, key memrance, and remote control

  6. Support WLAN, Bluetooth 4.0

  7. USB host for RFID/Barcode reader, TV tuner dongle.

  8. RJ45 interface for Ethernet LAN, support POE+

  9. Built-in front CMOS camera


A Smart High-quality backend infrastructure Patient Infotainment Terminal is required to better assist patients in a fast recovery process along with Entertainment.