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Saintway Technology-S8 Tablet for Fleet Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

Aug. 15, 2022


With the establishment of a new firm comes a set of asset management and security responsibilities and making one reliable decision about them can lead to valuable advantages. Since the beginning, the oil and gas industry has been utilizing thousands of trucks for transportation purposes, along with other substantial duties. Aside from the heavy processes and mechanisms occurring in the industry, the trucking system provides efficient petroleum distribution and supply, and so plays an equally vital role in allowing the industry to thrive.

However, it is believed that freight prices in the oil and gas business are increased by 15%–30% due to unusually high fuel consumption, driver pay, maintenance, and several other unnoticed costs. For a corporation with $200 million in yearly O&G revenue, that could be $3.7 million in lost profit per year. The inefficiency of this sector of the industry is an outcome of negligence and mismanagement, and it has been disregarded for a long time.

Today, technology has advanced to the point where these issues are no longer a concern. Saintway technology employs innovation and has introduced its S8 Tablet with tremendous features enabling smart connectivity in the industry. With the S8 tablet installed in the truck, the device will allow them to track the whereabouts of their vehicles and have a better understanding of their entire delivery supply chain process. This includes process control, driver and public safety, and fraud and fuel theft protection. Beyond telematics, the S8 was created to verify that things arrived in perfect condition before being delivered from terminals.

The premium S8 features can be easily linked with the O&G sector for business expansion.


Auto navigation

The fleet management system determines the start and end points, as well as the predefined routes.


Vehicle maintenance

Setting web notifications as a reminder for routine maintenance


Data Logging of Vehicles & Drivers

Users can view all vehicle and driver data logging.


Electronic Sensing

The vehicle’s electronic state is monitored in real time.


Fatigue Detection System

sensors are mounted to provide Data about crew member tiredness is provided.


Fuel Consumption Sensor

Information about utilization is provided, and efficiency is compared to the vehicle’s activity.


Authorized Driver

Fingerprint scanners, an authorization mechanism that can be used as a key to register the driver to the car.


Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor TPMS

All vehicle tire air pressure data is available.


Data Logger System

Locally store transaction details.


Driver Behavior Sensor

Over speeding, hard braking, idling, and other driving behaviors are scored.

Through a precision GPS tracking S8 tablet mounted in each vehicle, the system will allow the collaboration to prompt new duties and predetermine routes for approved drivers. They will also be notified in real-time when the work is completed, allowing them to schedule new assignments for their drivers, maximizing their time and productivity.High-end sensors and solutions from S8 ensure that the digital transformation of transportation and operational processes is a success. It provides them with the ease and assurance that the data in every transaction is accurate and transparent.


Now you might be wondering how S8 MDT works. How does it perform vehicle tracking? What role does it play in fleet monitoring? Well, S8 begins its work as soon as the driver enters the vehicle.

search-150x150.pngIt verifies that the right driver is entering the right   vehicle using its fingerprint, pin, or facial recognition features.


While travelling, drivers will hear safety induction voice advice.driver-sound.png

truck-and-s8.pngAs soon as the truck leaves, the vehicle will be identified with the sensors mounted inside and a signal will be sent to the tablet as well as the petrol station.


Continuous monitoring about route navigation, speed, location, driver behaviors and fatigue level is administered.driver-and-meter.png

services.pngFuel theft is decreased with requiring a supervisor to enter a passcode into a tablet to release fuel.



Saintway S8 makes it easier for you to run your business more efficiently and without fear of losing money. With its features, the tablet keeps track of all activities and sends out alerts for vehicle management and other practices being carried out after the vehicle has been dispatched. As a result, your firm will be safe and secure, with fewer human errors and a more cost-effective operation, all while improving earnings.


Is S8 a rugged tablet?

Yes, the S8 is a rugged tablet with a robust body and features since the market in which it is utilized has a hostile environment in which a regular tablet would easily break, boosting its job reliability.

Are rugged tablets worth it?

These tablets are merely a click away from being managed once they’ve been installed in your vehicles. When it comes to purchasing rugged tablets, they are expensive. However, the profits generated by them are insignificant in comparison to the device price. As a result, suggesting that rugged tablets are worthless does not do them credit.

Is the S8 tablet a long-range device?

The S8 is a wireless device with a number of channels that can be readily connected with the satellite, allowing the device to work in areas where mobile signals are not available, making it faster than smartphones and extending its range for proper functioning.

How long does the S8 tablet will work?

Saintways technology has designed S8 to provide 24 hours monitoring of your vehicle to provide complete fleet management solutions for your business unlike the majority of MDT tablets which only provide information when driving on the road and shuts down once the driver gets off the work.