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Demonstration Of Products In Germany Embedded World 2020

Feb. 29, 2020


Saintway Technology presented the market with ARM CPU Solutions and Intelligent Embedded Systems. Our presentation including well-designed tablets for In-vehicle, Industrial, and Medical. Furthermore, among 900+ exhibitors and 10000+ visitors, we also received lots of attention and inquiries about or MDT and Medical Terminals.


At this exhibition, we hosted many professional visitors in the booth with an excellent demo of MDT and Medical Terminals. We also cover the product introduction with related ELD scenarios. Product stability and long-term operation in harsh environments, healthcare scenarios, and the industrial control field was the most discussed topics. Based on the reputation of saintway products and after-sale supports our regular clients also visited booth. Nowadays, people are mostly surrounded by various smart, industrial control, self-service, commercial displays and smart healthcare devices. According to our booth visitors all these terminals integrating with AI and IoT technology is in great demand.


Embedded Vision was the newest topic in the exhibition where we keep our pace with the trend and create solutions to meet customer’s requirements. We also meet requirements in industrial control IoT, fleet management systems but also in the medical healthcare field.


To build a better world with smart mobility and full efficiency, Saintway is devoted to being a leading company. And with no doubt, the embedded system we focused on is the key, just like “The engine of the IoT, the driving force of Industry 4.0”. We with 10+ years of experience in this field are dedicated to supplying embedded hardware solutions that enable our clients to enjoy the great of AI and modern technology. There is just one step to reach! We look forward to your contact and any possibilities.