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Saintway Technology - Improving Patient Experience with Bedside Medical Terminal

Aug. 15, 2022

It is often said that health is wealth, since living a healthy life is a blessing that should never be taken for granted and for which one should always be thankful. However, it is not until an emergency arises that one realizes the hospital is the only location to seek assistance. These hospitals are ought to be a source of hope and expectation for patients to get a better living. On contrary, it has been shown that inside the hospital, patients were more distressed and anxious rather than enthusiastic and positive.

The hospital environment is largely responsible for such unpleasant emotions, which leads the patient to feel stressed, lonely, and depressed. The patient becomes bedridden, depending on others, and is kept ignorant of the disease and its severity, causing him to be unaware of the precautions that must be taken in his situation, creating confusion and uneasiness in the patient’s mind. Such circumstances not only lower patients’ motivation to recover, but also cause patients’ recovery to be delayed.

With the introduction of new Bedside Medical Terminals (MT), Saintway grasp this opportunity and come up with innovative solutions for Healthcare Sector. Saintway believes that enabling patients to focus on themselves while also engaging with others allows them to be more than just a patient. The patient feels more connected and less reliant on others with these bedside terminals. MT allows patients to be self-sufficient and maintain their everyday activities, as well as their social and professional lives.


Now thinking about how these bedside terminals work and what benefits do they provide to patients as well Hospital? These bedside terminals establish a connection between the patient, their family, and the medical team. It comes up with digital platform that provides patient information and communication to all parties engaged in the patient’s care and treatment plan. With the installation of these terminals in hospital rooms, there is an improvement in the hospital environment which can trigger patients’ health-improving it two-fold.

Saintway medical terminals improve hospital life with their patient-friendly features that are introduced while keeping patients’ comfort in mind.

contactLouisburghdoctor-150x150.png    CONTACT WITH DOCTOR

    The patient can contact the doctor with the aid of Medical Terminals with only one click. They can call doctors directly in an emergency to save time and get attention straight away, or they can contact doctors for any questions about the disease,         prognosis, or therapy.

ecg-150x150.pngTREATMENT DETAILS

The tablet consists of all the patient history. This includes all the information about the patient’s disease, the medications, and the treatment patients are undergoing. Even the precautions and diet prescribed to the patients in inserted into the tablet. in this way the patient is well aware of his condition and thus cares for himself accordingly.

second-quarter-esr-1-150x150.jpg    NURSE ASSISTANCE

    Nurse assistance is provided via technology, which reduces the patient’s need for hospital workers to look after them. Patients can use this chance to engage in normal daily tasks such as getting water for themselves or having a meal without needing help from others, boosting their confidence.



Patients can keep themselves engaged by using MT social networking programs like LinkedIn, Facebook, and others to stay connected to the outside world. They can also use the terminal to manage their professional lives and to send emails and participate in online meetings. Moreover, they can utilize the terminal while sitting or lying down, depending on their comfort level.



    Even when lying in bed, patients can simply keep room management in their hands. They can utilize the mt terminal to adjust the lighting, switch the television channels, or even convert the tablet into a television and vice versa. Patients will be able to smartly regulate everything in their room, allowing them to become more self-sufficient.

meal-odering-150x150.jpgMEAL ORDERING

Normally, hospitals provide a telephone service for patients to contact hospital employees and place food orders. However, because the meal picture, ingredients, and other qualities are not displayed throughout the ordering process, the food supply may be a disappointment. Patients can be more certain about what they’re ordering with terminals. The tablet contains all of the information on the dish. In addition, the patient can use MT to order a café and receive a meal tailored to their needs and preferences.



    Saintway Medical terminals can be attached with arm stand attached to bedside furniture or a wall on which it is mounted and it articulates the screen giving access to all the software applications making it easier and comfortable for patients to use them.



A wide medical touchscreen is included in the terminal for easy access. Patients can also use its camera feature to have live video chats with family and friends. In this way, the patient does not feel distressed and isolated. As a result, they will be able to heal in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

“Empowering patients and making them independent”



Saintway is on the way to introduce its range of products as bedside medical terminals. To date the launched products include

  1. MT2199

  2. MT1566

  3. HC15

  4. MT133

  5. HC11

The Saintway bedside medical terminals are a one-stop solution for all your medical needs. As a result, patients receive basic help, enhancing their self-esteem. Patients feel more connected to the outside world and are better able to complete their tasks independently. With these MT terminals, the patient is always aware of his status and may easily contact the doctor in the event of an emergency. With its simple installation, it proves to be a patient-friendly tablet and a useful companion in times of need.


Why are bedside medical terminals better than a smartphone?

Hospitals deploy bedside medical terminals based on patient comfort and healthcare staff needs. They are coupled to an arm stand that can be adjusted by patients and fed with information that is easily available to both hospital workers and patients, making it simple to handle and operate.

Are bedside terminals costly?

Bedside terminals are expensive to buy, but once installed, they can save money because of their all-in-one features. It has the potential to save money on hospital nurses, phone costs, and other expenses. Creating a cost-effective hospital setup.

Are hospitals turning to bedside terminal technology?

Many large hospitals are automating their settings and have turned to bedside terminal technology because of its extensive features that may help automate things for patients, doctors, and medical staff, resulting in a more efficient hospital environment for all.