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Can a SmartPhone Be Used as an ELD Device in the Truck?

Dec. 21, 2022

yesornot-300x300.pngAutomation is a need of every business, and the Modern world is trying different ways to adapt it, same In the Transportation industry developed and developing countries trying to adopt and making modern technology mandatory in the Fleet Management System as traditional Fleet Management System is now inefficient, insecure and dangerous for human life. Sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes of truck accidents on the road and 30% due to tire bursts so on and so forth. FMCSA regulates strict policies throughout the USA considering the safety of human life on top priority. Let’s have a look at the Traditional and Modern Fleet Management systems.In the Traditional Fleet management system, telematics devices have been used to track the location of vehicles. But increasingly modern fleet solutions provide analytics that offers Business owners a much broader and more detailed view of activity in the field e.g. Tyre Pressure Monitoring, Auto Maintenance System, Vehicle & Driver’s Data Logging, Fuel Consumption, Driver Behavior, Electronic Sensor Data, Safety Induction As a result, business owners are realizing the benefits of incorporating these analytics into their day-to-day operations and business decisions. When telematics is combined with powerful analytics, near real-time management alerts, and insightful reporting, they allow businesses with fleets to measure how well they are managing their business today. Set strategies and goals for improvement and track improvement against those goals.

Modern Fleet Management System

Modern Fleet is a Combination of Software and Hardware (ELD/MDT) with Engine monitoring sensors. The most important part is to know how to choose the right ELD device for your fleet.

Vehicle Mount TerminalVehicle Mount Terminal

Around the globe many companies using Smart Phone as an alternative to ELD Terminal while compromising the fact and International trucking Policies. It is not allowed in the USA including other developed counties anymore and also not recommended where Trucking Policies are not that strict.

Why smartphones cannot replace ELD/MDT:

1. Ability to Handle Industrial Environments.

2. Designed to Run with More Than One Operating System.

3. Sunlight readable display

4. Portability and Ruggedness.

5. Waterproof Design.

6. All-day battery life.


A smartphone is meant to be for commercial use and cannot replace ELD/MDT terminal due to its limitations.

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