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About Saintway

May. 08, 2022

Saintway founded in 2011 and it has been recognized as a leading IDH company of ARM powered embedded system, Having many years of development on Embedded System Solutions, and already served for many remarkable companies who are the leaders of these industries in their countries.


Applications cover fleet management, taxi dispatch, hospital bedside display terminal, smart commercial display, smart home control and industrial IoT solutions.

Completed loop included: Development From hardware to software, from cosmetic design to construction engineering, from mass production to inspection, from storage to shipment, from sales to service.

As a company involved in the industry almost years, Saintway insist on ‘cutting-edge technology and top performance’, to provide high-quality integrated solutions in automotive systems, hospital patient care, industrial control, and multimedia data telecommunications for industrial, medical and commercial customers over the global world, so as to achieve Win-win with our professional partners.