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Mobile Data Terminal
In-Vehicle Mobile Data Terminal

In-Vehicle Mobile Data Terminal

Mobile Data Terminal

Vehicle Mount Terminals

Vehicle mount terminals are designed with powerful computing capabilities in a rugged form factor designed to handle the vibrations of forklifts, fleet vehicles, delivery trucks and other vehicles. These devices improve productivity and reduce errors in picking, shelving, shipping and receiving applications. From the warehouse floor to inside the freezer, these terminals give you real-time access to the data you need in any environment.

Designed as a solution for powerful, flexible and scalable applications, our ruggedized truck-mounted computers allow your warehouse's mobile computing operations to be future-proof and minimize visual distractions.

With flexible quick-mount capabilities, the onboard computers are highly mobile and can be moved quickly from one forklift to another. When used with the enhanced Honeywell scanner, forklift operators can complete workflows quickly and accurately with minimal effort or physical movement.

What is a vehicle-mount terminal?

There are many names for vehicle-mounted terminals. Vehicle Mounted Terminal, Vehicle Mounted Computer, Vehicle Mounted Unit. While the last term is essentially interchangeable, the main takeaway is that they are all installed in one type of vehicle. On-board computers have powerful computer capabilities in an easy-to-use configuration. They are specifically designed to withstand the vibrations of forklifts, delivery trucks and many other vehicles. On-board units help increase productivity and reduce errors. These units are also very durable, as they typically have an IP65/IP67 rating.

In-vehicle PC or rugged tablet? Which is right for you?

The answer is simple - it depends on how you use the units. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution here. On-board terminals tend to be more stationary, as they are usually attached to forklifts or other vehicles. A rugged tablet can be mounted to the vehicle, but it is also easier to remove from the mount than a standard vehicle-mounted computer. Are you working in a refrigerated environment? In this case, you need to use an in-vehicle terminal. rugged Tablets do not have a heated battery or a heated screen capable of preventing condensation. In-vehicle computers are still more durable than rugged tablets. Rugged tablets offer more features, but in-car computers are more durable.

If you're not sure which configuration is right for you and your work environment, one of our experienced sales managers will be able to help. Contact us and let us help you!

Discover the main advantages of the in-vehicle terminal

Detailed information is always available and can be drilled down to individual items. This allows drivers to know the location of loads they want to unload or pick up, even on docks or racks.

Drivers get information quickly and in a way that doesn't distract them.

Eliminate human error in a variety of picking, packing, delivery and return applications.

Multiple serial ports for connecting any desired device, from barcode scanners and RFID readers to weight scales and equipment.

Real-time accurate information and reporting for vehicles and workers.

Simple confirmation that your logistics and shipping applications are performing correctly and on time.

Support for in-depth software and support, even in cross-dock applications when preparing for shipment.

Terminals can track movements in real time, giving you an accurate picture of where your drivers are on the road and the path your workers are taking as they move through your warehouse.


Truck-mounted mining machinery





Fire engines

Police car



Agriculture and Horticulture


Forestry (Log Loader - Log Handler) in Vehicle Mining Trucks

Port management

Railroad shunting yards

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Inventory management

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