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SaintwayTech's hospital bedside infotainment terminal are used in hospitals and healthcare settings to provide patients with entertainment and information services. These hospital bedside infotainment terminals can be placed in patient rooms and common areas, allowing patients to enjoy TV shows, movies, and news during their hospital stay, which helps reduce patient anxiety and feelings of isolation. Additionally, hospital televisions can be utilized to offer health education and medical information, helping patients understand their conditions and treatments. Moreover, these hospital bedside infotainment terminal can also be used for training healthcare professionals, broadcasting medical education content and surgical videos to enhance their expertise and skills. Our devices add comfort and convenience to the hospital environment, providing a better medical experience for both patients and medical staff.
Patient Entertainment and Comfort

Providing TV shows, movies, music, and other entertainment content to fulfill patients' needs for distraction and anxiety relief during hospitalization, offering a diverse range of entertainment choices to soothe emotions and enhance comfort.

Health Education and Medical Information

Used for broadcasting health education content and medical information to educate patients about diseases, treatment processes, and preventive measures, contributing to increased awareness and understanding of health issues.

Healthcare Professional Training and Education

Used for training and educating healthcare professionals, hospitals can broadcast medical education content, surgical videos, and the latest medical research progress to help medical staff stay updated with professional knowledge and skills.

Hospital Promotion and Public Information Release

Utilized for promoting hospital services, medical achievements, and medical experts. Additionally, public information, epidemic prevention measures, and preventive guidelines can also be disseminated to enhance public health awareness.

Quick Information Retrieval

Patients and visitors can access hospital service details, doctor schedules, and appointment guidelines through the screen, providing convenience for hospital services.