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Jordan Ou is one of the participants and entrepreneurs regarding industry produced in such great number since the beginning of the industrial era in China. With the utmost commitment, he dedicated himself to bringing his ideas to fruition. In 1999, the then 20s-old first get started with TFT-LCD and be attracted to the wide application scenarios and development prospects of that emerging technology, which he developed into his major career. In 2003 he founded his own company Newision’’ in Hongkong so that he could produce and market his own products in the field of digital technology. Jordan Ou designed and built the Infotainment and navigation system, among other products, for in-vehicle using in the industry according to his own patent.

In 2007, the marketing & sales center of the private company relocated to SoftPark, where it still has its headquarters. By this time the company starts producing smart compliance systems, in-vehicle management systems, commercial display terminal, industry computer and display, Medical & Education digital signal terminal, and chip research development. Following the new age of consumer behavior, the company also turned its attention to products for urgent, everyday use: Automobile Date recorder, Professional mobile terminal, Digital Signage, Environment compliance.

Jordan Ou made his breakthrough into the production by itself in 2003 very soon after the company was built, with the development of the first completed own-designed product. The design of the product proved to be so pioneering that it still affects the basis of the production industry today.

Like so many, since Shenzhen start to be the core of the industry, Jordan Ou expands the technology and development branch in Xingdong, Shenzhen, to hug for the industry feast to benefit from the fast development of the technology. Today there already develop into company ‘’Saintway’’, which focus on digital system & terminal technology’, and company ‘’Magifun’’, which work on internet of things with full steam on.

In the same year of 2003, Newision founded its first foreign subsidiary with Mr. Thomas Menn and Mr.Marcus Müller – ‘Newision Gmbh’ in Köln, Germany, followed by Italy, the United States and Australia & New Zealand. Internationalization continued apace. In 2011, Newision found the Saintway Technology company in Shenzhen, China, which he developed into a marketing & sales center, and a chip system development company in Fuzhou by the year 2015. Then 2 years later, the company also found its sales company to the market of China mainland in Quanzhou, China. By 2018, Newision is represented by subsidiaries in several countries and generating 90% of its sales abroad. With customers spread over 60 countries, Newision provides comprehensive support to its clients all over the market. Today the group re-organizes into several subsidiaries under the mother company – the Newision Technology Co.Ltd based in Hongkong, China to several product lines and industries

Since a phase of diversification, expanded not only in Car Audio product anymore, Newision turns its attention to both solution and terminal, the color of the brand was changed from viridian green to the now black and gold. In 2009, the company expanded its product range to cover basic daily using requirements, initially in the areas of transport and hospital. Step by step, the range was expanded with the addition of other systems.

Innovation has been and continues to be the most important growth factor. In 2016 alone, Newision launched over 30 new products. The eagerness to be the global market leader in the industry will continue to drive itself to be characterized by its ingenuity, top performance, and innovative problem-solving.

When it comes to quality and technology, we are the leading provider of system solutions, smart products, and services for Agriculture & Farming, Construction, Education, Energy, Field, Distribution, Law Enforcement, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Retail supply chain, Transportation & Logistics, Rescue after Disaster, warehousing, trade, and industry worldwide. Our customers benefit enormously from using our effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly smart products. We make a noticeable difference in the lives of our customers by providing effective, efficient solutions for everyday management tasks all over the world. We have highly satisfied and enthusiastic customers!