Electronic Advertising boards

Electronic advertising boards contain all the products, services, and promotional information that need to be broadcast to the public to gain more attention. For example, digital signage can be used as a menu for fast-food restaurants, displaying items, prices, nutritional values, and combined promotions. Saintway digital signage solution can create and deliver multimedia content. At the railway station, advertisements and live TV can be played on the screen of the waiting area, and passengers on the shuttle bus will be automatically reminded once they arrive at the station. The latest train announcement can also be displayed on the screen together with several other options.

Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive digital signage displays attractive content to attract viewers’ attention and encourage them to make purchase decisions. In addition, interactive digital signage enables owners to create unforgettable and compelling experiences, which helps to enhance customer confidence and brand loyalty. Combined with various sensors, such as a camera, touch screen, motion detector, and NFC, interactive digital signage is now becoming a new communication platform, attracting audiences, arousing customers’ interest, and allowing them to participate more.

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